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Welcome to Poliwager!

Welcome to Poliwager, the most Poliwag filled site ever! Feel free to look around, we have pages on a lot of stuff from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Red, Blue, and Yellow, Black and White, and more. There are also custom made wallpapers for computer, iPad, and iPhone.

The Poliwager Forums are over this way. We're a small, close, friendly community and we love to hang out, chat, and talk about Pokémon and anything, and have fun! Join in the fun today!

The Poliwager Adoptables are over here as well. You can adopt your very own Pokémon and show it off on other forums and sites, as well as win monthly events for legendary Pokémon, grow berries, and more!

Thanks for visiting us here at Poliwager! Be sure to check back for anything new, and tell your friends!

Newest Updates


Secret Santa is coming to Poliwager Forums this winter! Find out how to participate and exchange Pokémon randomly with fellow players by reading this topic!


There has been a new style choice added, a new Blue Style, which can be found on the sidebar on the right side of the site! Enjoy!


Hey Poliwagers! It has been a bit, but don't worry! I've updated the Breeding Pokémon and Eggs page to include more Pokémon X and Y information, including some breeding changes in the games, as well as a cool fact about Poké Balls. Enjoy!


Hey guys! TheSpeedGamers is doing a week long Pokémon Marathon for charity for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital right now until Friday! Go check them out, donate if you can, and enjoy what they're doing! I donated a little bit already, and it's really exciting to see what they've done so far. As a side note in this, because I donated, I got to name the Poliwag "Poliwager" and they drew all of the Poliwag evolution line for their Ranch there! Thanks to you guys for all the hard work and raising money for a good cause!


I went ahead and made some minor changes to the site, one being that the General Pokémon category on the side is now at the top, since it addresses more than one game in most cases, not just one game, and then the games' sections are below it in descending order from newest to oldest. There was an error on the Trade Evolutions page, and that has been fixed (thanks, anonymous email user!). Finally, the Breeding and Eggs page has been reorganized and easier to read, as well as more clear in pretty much all of the page. And now, it includes X and Y information as well. Enjoy, and there will be more updates coming soon!

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