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Welcome to Poliwager, the most Poliwag filled site ever! We're a small, friendly, fun-loving community that centers around Pokémon! Poliwager is a place to hang out, whether that be on the Poliwager Adoptables, a place to adopt your own Pokémon eggs and interact with other users and participate in events and other fun sections, or the Poliwager Forums, a fun place to relax, have a chat with other Pokémon fans and members of the Adoptables, and simply hang out. Poliwager is also home to a ton of custom made wallpapers for computer, iPad, and iPhone, so feel free to check those out too! See you around!

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Happy Holidays from Poliwager! I hope your holidays are going great, and they're all filled with joy! There are just a few minor things I wanted to make you aware of that are happening on Poliwager for the holidays!

Poliwager Adoptables is having multipliers for Christmas Eve (today), Christmas, and New Years Eve and Day this holiday season. Also, be sure to adopt your Christmas Tropius before they disappear for the season!

One final thing, Poliwager Forums is doing a big initiative to try to bring a load of activity to the forums over the next few months. There are a few goal set up to try to get us all moving into action, and we need your help! Without the community, there isn't a community, after all! Come join in the fun during this holiday and I hope to see you all soon!


Notice something different about Poliwager? Poliwager.net has had a complete redesign, along with a completely new goal for the site.

First off, many of the old pages have been "removed" from the site (they are still available if you click the header "Pokémon Video Games" on the sidebar on the left side of the page), because they weren't really being used, updated, or really at all necessary since other sites like Bulbapedia or Serebii have the same information with more details and better organization. Because of this, Poliwager is now much more streamlined, with only a few important pages available, ones that people will actually be able to use because they offer unique information. Because of this, Poliwager.net is now more dedicated to the Wallpapers page, which is what I've actually been consistently updating these past few years.

Secondly, Poliwager.net is now a better portal to easily access Poliwager Adoptables links, and Poliwager Forums links. These are primarily the "community" aspects of the site that is always talked about when referring to Poliwager, so why not have those links more prominent and visible?

Thirdly, Poliwager.net has a right sidebar with nice links to the Facebook page, Twitter page, and YouTube page, and a live Twitter feed of recent tweets with #poliwager included in them, so this section of the site is even more community driven than before. Last but not least over there is a custom Google Search bar, which allows you to search Poliwager, Poliwager Adoptables, and Poliwager Forums all in one go.

I know it'll take some getting used to, but I definitely think this change will benefit Poliwager overall for a very long time, and help bring focus to what Poliwager is intended for, which is bringing community together and having fun.

See you around!


Wow. It's been 6 years today since Poliwager was born. We've come such a far way, gathering as friends on the Poliwager Forums, and collecting Pokémon eggs on the Poliwager Adoptables together! To celebrate, there is a 4x multiplier on the Poliwager Adoptables today, as an Event Ticket for Regigigas, so be sure to hang on the site for a while today to take advantage of all the fun stuff! We'll also be throwing a party of sorts on the Poliwager Forums, as we usually do, so come hang out with us and tell your friends to come also!

Finally, it's Thanksgiving again (for the first time that Poliwager's birthday and Thanksgiving has coincided since the first year), so be sure to tell all those that you're thankful for that you're thankful for them. I know I'm very thankful that all of you have continued to provide me with support, love, and company over the years, so thank you! Have a good day everyone, and here's to another year!

Also, a somewhat minor thing, but worth noting, the blue style (with a new banner!) is now the default style on the site. Isn't it nice?

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