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Welcome to Poliwager, the most Poliwag filled site ever! We're a small, friendly, fun-loving community that centers around Pokémon! Poliwager is a place to hang out, whether that be on the Poliwager Adoptables, a place to adopt your own Pokémon eggs and interact with other users and participate in events and other fun sections, or the Poliwager Forums, a fun place to relax, have a chat with other Pokémon fans and members of the Adoptables, and simply hang out. Poliwager is also home to a ton of custom made wallpapers for computer, iPad, and iPhone, so feel free to check those out too! See you around!

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Happy Dunsparce Appreciation Month everyone! To celebrate the occasion, there is an Event Ticket active on Poliwager Adoptables for a Dunsparce, as well as today being a 0.41x multiplier day! Also, from Friday April 3rd until Sunday, Easter, April 5th, there will be Easter Happiny eggs available to adopt, so be sure to get one! One last thing, if you haven't seen the update for the Game Corner Poster, please make sure you check it out! Happy April, and good luck on this month's event!


Hey guys! There are a few updates to make you aware of in the world of Poliwager! First off, there is a new PokéPicks for Plusle VS Minun posted on Poliwager Forums, so go make your vote for your favorite Pokémon between the two now! Second, the March & April Event is currently happening, so be sure to check that out for the Poliwager Adoptables! Lastly, if you have any suggestions at all for Poliwager, Poliwager Forums, or Poliwager Adoptables, please post them in this suggestion topic! We'd love to hear your input!

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