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Welcome to the Poliwager Adoptables!

Welcome! The Poliwager Adoptables is a place for adopting your own Pokémon. You can adopt up to six Pokémon eggs at a time, care for them, show them off on other sites, have them hatch and evolve, and more! There are plenty of activities to play in addition to hatching your eggs, such as monthly events to win legendary eggs, collecting berries to grow and feed to the giant Snorlax, and the Day Care Center where you can breed your hatched Pokémon for yourself and others! There is also a forum on Poliwager Forums to discuss the Poliwager Adoptables. Make sure to stop in often to check on your Pokémon and to see if there are any new updates!

Adopt A New Egg

Two random adoptable Pokémon eggs are here. Every once in a while, we find some new eggs, and they are added to this page.
Refresh the page to see two more eggs or check the Shelter for released Pokémon and bred eggs!

Mystery EggMystery Egg

A small purple egg with a fun pattern on it.

A small purple egg with a fun pattern on it.

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