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Poliwager Adoptables Statistics

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Site Stats for Pokémon:

926 interactions today131 views today18 Pokémon adopted today
14,552,297 interactions8,326,690 views153,566 Pokémon adopted
Most interactions in a day: 103,292
on July 1, 2016
Most views in a day: 24,926
on March 6, 2012
Most Pokémon adopted in a day: 673
on November 27, 2017
153,405 Pokémon hatched161 Pokémon eggs unhatched60 unclaimed Pokémon
767 Pokémon species found81 Pokémon with Pokérus448 shiny Pokémon
17,520 Pokémon evolved70,295 released Pokémon50,879 Pokémon bred
657,199 Poké Walker Steps25,694,854 happiness7,013 Level 100 Pokémon

Site Stats for Users:

4,383 users8,231,107 Poké Dollars62,018,875 Poké Dollars spent
45,963 purchased items6,901 items found52,864 items obtained
55,015 Legendary Number Games played577 Legendary Number Games won54,438 Legendary Number Games lost
34 times Mystery Counter has broken417,726 highest Mystery CounterDate of highest: November 27, 2017
2,909,659 soot collected160,480 times at Mt. Chimney44,233 times underwater
112 users online in the last 30 days14 users online todayMost users online in a day: 74
on November 27, 2017
17,837 berries owned16,227 berries fed to Snorlax4,581 Feeling Checks completed
5,904 Lottery Tickets bought452,866 Game Coins63,261 Poster Pushes

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