Daily Stuff

There are many daily things to do on Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Here are a few that are very useful.


The lottery is in the TV Station in Jubalife City. If you get any of the numbers of IDs correct on your Lotto Ticket, starting from the right, you get a prize. It does not matter if the Pokémon with the correct ID is in your PC or your Party.

This is the only way to get more PP Ups, EXP. Shares, and a Master Ball. Good Luck!

Pokémon in Solaceon

A man next to the Pokémon Center in Solaceon asks to see a Pokémon every day. If you bring it to show him, he will give you 3 random Balls.
Note: He does not give Master Balls, Premium Balls, or Cherish Balls.


Two people in Diamond and Pearl give massages to your Pokémon every day. They are in Veilstone and in the Resort Area Ribbon Syndicate. More info on the Happiness Page.

Swarm Pokémon

In Sandgem Town, Dawn/Lucas’s sister tells you that there is a Pokémon Swarm for a rare Pokémon somewhere in Sinnoh. These Pokémon are different every day, and most can only be obtained this way.

Level Check

On Route 221, a man asks to see a Pokémon that is a certain level. If you bring one to him, he will give you one of these items. The items alternate in this order every day you complete the task.

Celestic Town Great Ball

Simple enough, if you bring a happy Pokémon to a man in the Celestic Pokémon Center, he will give you a Great Ball. The Pokémon that is happy needs to be in the first slot in your party.

Fight Area Battle

In the Fight Area on Saturday and Sunday, your Rival will ask to fight you. His Pokémon are pretty strong so be careful, but this is easy Experience, so you should battle him if you can. Note that if you save in front of him on Sunday and don't play at all until Monday, he will remain there until you leave the area, and he can be battled every day after that until you leave.


While you can always plant berries and grow them to later pick them up, there are three people that will give you a berry just for talking to them daily. The first is a lady in the Floroma Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop. She will give you any one of the following berries.

The second is a man named the Berry Master, who lives outside the west exit of Hearthome City, on Route 208. He will give you any one of the following berries, a much wider variety.

And finally, every day you may visit a lady in the house farthest down and to the west in Pastoria City, who will give you a random berry daily.