Technician Ability

Technician is a Pokémon ability that multiplies the base power of moves that are 60 base power or less by 150%, or 1.5x. This means that moves like Quick Attack, with a base power of 40, get raised to 60 if the Pokémon using it has Technician.

Technician does not affect moves that would increase base power to above 60 with a secondary effect. For example, Avalanche would benefit from Technician, since it has a base power of 60, but if the Pokémon got hit before it got a chance to attack, the doubling from Technician would not be applied. The final power of that move would be 120, not 180.

Pokémon That Can Have The Technician Ability
(Other possible ability is in parentheses)

That's just about it for the Technician ability! Enjoy.