April Fool's Day 2010

Poliwager Forums

On Poliwager Forums, for an April Fool's Day joke in 2010, I made everyone's rank bar say "Banned". They really weren't banned. Here is an image:

Piratice wasn't banned, of course.

Also done on April 1st, 2010, I changed the default style on the forums back to fisubsilver2, a blue style that matches Poliwager better. This style was the default back in the summer, but was changed to Macinscott3 for a while. A Thanks Mod was installed too, that allows members to thank a user for posting sometime.


On Poliwager, I added two lines of code to the site that made all text crossed out and in all capital letters. This was intended to make Poliwager 'easier to read'. An image can be seen here.

I hope all of you enjoyed Poliwager's April Fool's jokes!