Here’s some funny things about Pokémon, or other stuff that I’ve run into that I thought I should share.

I was talking to the psychotherapist on Terminal, and this is how it went.

While naming faces for people in iPhoto, it thought that the snowman in the background was a person.

Credit to KOOLIONESSFULL of the Marriland Forums for the image. I’m pretty sure no one would want to undress Jynx.

While playing Comet Busters, I completed the last level, and this showed up. Apparently, I saved the world! Hooray!

It’s over 9000 bounces! From Awesome Ball on the iPhone and iPod touch.

I was playing Song Summoner for iPhone/ iPod touch, and after beating a boss, Ziggy said, "But if you want to calculate your level of failure...try infinity". I thought it was pretty funny that a video game had the whole internet "failure" thing in it.

My mom had a receipt from the grocery store that had some funny entries on it. The second one down says "Cheetos Cry". I never knew that they liked to cry.

Also on the same receipt, it said "Jo Turkey Burger". "Joe Turkey Burger! What's up my man?" Yeah.
Two down, "OM Cheese Hot". I immediately thought of OMG.

Right after Safari 5 got put on Apple's site, the images were overlapping on the page, and this is what it looked like. It's funny because it was supposed to say "See the web in a whole new way", but it got messed up.

My aunt was drinking out of a big cup that said "Splash Attack!" So I added the text that correspondes with that: "But nothing happened!"