Red, Blue and Yellow

I really enjoy these games. They are the original Pokémon games, and as with most game series, the classics were great, if not the best. I feel that because they were so simple to play, it made them more fun than the newer games. A lot of people think that just because they are old, have bad graphics and because they aren’t on the newest system, they stink. No EVs, no Natures, no held items, no shiny Pokémon, no PKRS, and no overpowered Pokémon simply made the games more fun. While these features add depth to Pokémon in later games, it was great as it was in the beginning, with very little different options of gameplay. Everyone seems to think that just because the sprites were so-called "ugly", it somehow makes it less fun to play. I actually liked the sprites in these games! Some of them looked more fierce than the ones in the newer games, and even though some of the sprites are messed up, like Koffing, they add that cool retro look to them. The fact that after the Elite 4 there is nothing to do but train, it made it challenging to get up to level 100 or even just level 70! On the newer games, everyone seems to just EV train, breed perfect baby Pokémon, and just not enjoy it as much as the originals. I find it way easier to sit down and just play these games for hours, while most of the newer games make me bored after a little while.

Keep this in mind before you think, ‘Oh, those games are old, they stink’. Try Red, Blue, or Yellow out for yourself sometime, you might actually really enjoy it.