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Poliwager Adoptables Events

Here are any prizes from events that you have won. Check back here after the announcement to see if you've won and can adopt a prize Pokémon! Be sure to check any updates at the top of the page to read any upcoming event topics!

If there is an event ticket active, you may redeem the event ticket once for the Pokémon listed. Then, the egg will appear on the Adopt page.

You will be the only one able to see your egg, so you may take any time needed to find the egg. Please note, however, that if you have not been online in over 2 years, your event Pokémon egg will then be made available to adopt from the Adopt page by other users, so be sure to adopt it in a timely fashion.

Past Events (Show All)

2017 Events
January 2017Parcel EventUnown O, P, Q, R
February 2017Views EventMeloetta Pirouette

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