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Welcome! We are so glad to have you here on Poliwager Adoptables! If you have any questions, please read the rest of the FAQ and Help page below, and if you happen to have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ, have suggestions, or just want to have a great time talking to other people, please check out Poliwager Forums! If you would like to see the tutorial again, please click here. See you around!

When do my eggs hatch?

Most eggs hatch after they have received 5,120 Egg Steps from people clicking on them and warming them up or posting their signature image on another site. Eggs hatch automatically after they have reached the right amount of Egg Steps.

When do my Pokémon evolve?

You can evolve your Pokémon on the My Pokémon page by going to their Stats page. Pokémon evolve at their usual levels in the game, with evolution items and with happiness, with the exception of the other miscellaneous few, such as evolving by having a certain Pokémon in your party. Those usually evolve at level 50. Pokémon that need to be traded without an item (for example, Golem) must be in your possession and not be originally owned by you in order to evolve.

Is there a limit on how many Pokémon I can adopt?

You may have a total of 6 eggs at a time, and there is no limit to how many total Pokémon you may have after they have hatched.

Is trading available on Poliwager Adoptables?

While there is no official trading Pokémon system set in place, you may release a Pokémon at any time, and other users can then see it in the Pokémon Shelter after a few minutes.

Why isn't [Pokémon's Name] added?

New Pokémon are added periodically, but if there's a specific one you want added, you should post it here on the forums.

How do I get a shiny Pokémon?

Just like in the games, every egg has a chance to hatch into a shiny Pokémon. The chances are low, but still possible, so keep hatching and maybe you'll get lucky!

Why can't I release eggs? Why are there eggs in the Shelter?

People may breed eggs in the Day Care Center, and sometimes one of their eggs bred there goes to the Shelter as well, but you may not release eggs otherwise.

Where are my Pokémon's image codes and which is which?

You may find your Pokémon's image codes for posting it on another site by going to its Stats page. The first image code is just its sprite image, the second one is a badge type image that has the level of it or the amount of Egg Steps it has if it's an egg, and the final image shows some of the Decorations you have purchased from the Poké Mart. Posting your Pokémon's image codes on other websites will give your Pokémon views every time a page is loaded with that image, and your Pokémon or egg will gain Exp. or Egg Steps each time!

Is using a clicking site/automated clicking program allowed?

Sites and computer programs that are based around clicking each other's pets/Pokémon/sites automatically are not allowed for raising your Pokémon here on Poliwager Adoptables. Basically, if you aren't manually clicking the mouse to feed a Pokémon, it isn't allowed. Anyone found doing this will be warned and possibly even banned. Keep in mind this portion of the site is supposed to be fun, as well as friendly and fair, so raise other's eggs and Pokémon on here instead! Forum topics where people exchange clicks and the Poliwager Forums Click Exchange Topic are allowed.

Am I allowed to ask for egg descriptions?

Asking what a certain Pokémon's egg description is, or asking what hatches from a certain description is not allowed. It keeps it fun for users, both old and new alike!

What's with the times?

All times used on the site are Server Time (-6 Hours - Central Time Zone). Every other hour, starting at 1:24 AM, Pokémon that are in their owner's Poké Walker are given one step. Stats are updated every 15 minutes starting on the hour. Eggs are usually created every hour. Berries grow twice a day at 11:36 AM and PM.

Why can't I use my Poliwager Adoptables image code as my avatar?

This is not allowed due to people being able to easily gain a large amount of views from it. Use a normal avatar image from another site instead.

Will there be more opportunities to obtain past events?

If you happened to have missed an event Pokémon from the past, be it a Legendary or a Novelty, the answer is yes, there will be more opportunities in the future to obtain them, usually from future events or other mini-games on the site.

Who's behind Poliwager Adoptables?

Slix is the creator of Poliwager Adoptables. Other members, including evergreenn, Chaze the Chat, and Piratice have helped with ideas and novelty Pokémon sprites.
A huge thanks to the members from the Smogon XY Sprite Project for all their hard work getting Generation 6 Pokémon remade as Generation 5 sprites.
A huge thanks to the members from the Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project for all their hard work getting Generation 7 Pokémon remade as Generation 5 sprites as well.

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If you have any questions that are not answered here, please check out Poliwager Forums to ask questions or report any problems you may have, or use the Poliwager search to find the answer.